Saturday, December 29, 2012

A song for Amanat …

By Renton de Alwis
‘India's Daughter, R.I.P:’ was part of a story India’s NDTV posted on its website today.
It added “The 23-year-old medical student, whose savage gang-rape on a moving bus provoked outrage and protests through India, died early this morning in a hospital in Singapore after severe organ failure. Her parents were by her side.”
“'Amanat' lost: can India change?” Was a comment page, they created.  Is this only India’s problem? Or is all of ours in Sri Lanka or anywhere else, for that matter. I saw a post on FB , giving the outrage in Delhi  a cast slant. Asked if mainstream opinion in India triggered, for she was of high caste and questioned the silence on the lukewarm reaction to the plight of the Dhalits and other minorities. Should we view this any such way?  Is it not a problem about us: men, women, young, old ... all of humanity?

I yearned
for a song
yearned to sing
a sad song ...

Why a sad song?
better still
a song of joy
bring laughter
no tears
no cry
only joy
nothing less
nothing more
sing for joy
joyful song ...

sing along
birds of joy!

came along
skies of blue
turned dark
teardrops of rain
burning rain
lightning before
thunder roars
touched your eye
consumed your will
old, sick and dead
filthy dirt drunks …

what good
my song of joy
bring to ease
such pain!

Sing! sing your song
of joy
you yearn
easing of pain
inside and out
shout, shout out
loud, reach
reach out strong
fight,  fight out
till the end ...

ease that pain
don't you cry
scream, push
hit with might
his sorrowful
take good aim
now kick
his balls
with all
your might.

Million eyes
now feel that pain
million hearts
now cry disdain
let not this loss
at the spring
of your life
be in vain
come to our midst
once again…

sing your song
your sad song
many like you
many like us
many like them
will cry in shame …
December 29, 2012
Delhi vigil for Amanat; 'India's daughter'
Pix credit : NDTV website


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