Thursday, January 29, 2015

Of fences and rainbows

By Renton de Alwis

You pretend you're free
bound in chains
fenced you breach
barbed wire scrapes
sad-end dreams
sewn and darned
like a patchwork quilt
hung display wall

Oh! How I wish
the bleeding stops
healing scrapes
make petrels soft
fly ocean breaths
grasp bird-eye views
reach soft blue sky
make rainbow dance

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A singer's song

by Renton de Alwis

Mind's eye pierced
heart shed tears 
making lyrics 
add rhythmic pulse
a sad song sung
touch torch
burning bright
fire fired flames
gale winds douse
feelings of love
soft petals dance
distant music make
skies of blue
clouds like cotton
grass of green
give me this day...
Nay! Any day
a sweet fleet of dreams
no, not swan songs.

(a repost)

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අබ ඇට ... ගල් කැට

උඩ ගෙඩි දෙනවද?
සරැ කර කනවද?
අහක බලනවද
මුනිවත රැකරැක?
හඞක් නගනවද?
බෙරිහන් දෙනවද?
මුමුනා කීවොත්
අසා සිටීවිද?

කිසාගෝමි පෙර
දුකින් පෙලුනු සඳ
අබ ගෙන එන්නට
යැවු සැටි මතකද?
හැමට පලමු ගල
දමා ගසන්නට
කීවේ අත පව්
නැති අයකට නෙද?

පැවැත්ම වරිග‍‍ය
හිසේ දරා ගෙන
කල තම් හොඳනම්
සව්දිය පුරමුද?
දියුණුව මේ යැයි
හඞක් නගන විට
අපසු හැරි හැරි
බැලිය යුතුව ඇත.

කැඩපත ලස්සන
රැව මවනා කල
ඇතුලත හැඩරැව
හෙලුවක් වී ඇත.
අබ ඇට ගල් කැට
වරැසාවක් වී
සැඩ රළු පහරින්
දවා දමන සද
උඩ ගෙඩි දෙනවද?
සරැ කර කනවද?
මුමුනා කීවොත්
අසා සිටීවිද?

රෙන්ටන් ද අල්විස් පබැඳුමක්
(කාලෝචිත බව හැගුන නියින් නැවත පළ කිරීමක්)

නිදහස් ගූගල් ඉමෙජයක්

Monday, January 19, 2015


By Renton de Alwis

I meet you in space
see you through a lens
hold you in dreams
loose you in words

Distant as you are
X-ray vision pierces
mind's eye imagery
tapestry weaves

I long for your touch
feel soft breezy chill
hear heartbeat song
of a love that's real.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thy name is 'politician'*

By Renton de Alwis

You are never a looser,
like a chameleon you change,
merge with things around,
do what that is needed
to hell with what is right,
get it done, any which way,
please those, to be pleased
to hell with those who voted,
plunder, and plunder deep,
build riches, hold them tight,
buy goons, to show thy might
sow seeds of mistrust,
divide, you rule, till you fall.

From the ashes you rise,
for you left unfinished business,
'enough is now enough'
thy minion mind can't tell,
thy greed for power is ripe,
the flock is woken, slumber's broken, 
all hell will be let loose,
cyclic tides will drown,
past, present, future in all
giving fancy names,
for things only you can fathom
shamelessly seek my mind,
like a bad dream, you come.

* to be worn if the cap fits.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A look back

by Renton de Alwis

I walked many streets
nooks, corners and paths
I saw many sights
wonders and the bleak 
I often held my breath 
inhaled laughter and cries
I fill my heart with joy
and let my mind weep.  

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