Monday, September 29, 2014


by Renton de Alwis

It matters not
subject to what
reins held
whose end
strong, weak,
blood, sweat
Power,  Power corrupts.

It matters a lot
where and when
then, now
far, wide
hearts and minds
shining bright
Love! Love is might.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sounds of silence

By Renton de Alwis

Touched by the cool breeze
a thought floats
like a butterfly.

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A tree ...

by Renton de Alwis

A tree is as tall
as the sun wishes it be
or the wind makes it bend.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let our children's mind's flourish: An appeal

Yesterday, I saw a little child of about six, carry an exercise book and on it's covers (both front and back) was printed the photograph of a young politician. I am told that this is a wide spread practice and have been on for some time now. Having being in the promotions business my self (where we held ethics to the hilt) I felt ashamed that politicians (even those with some intelligence), need to stoop down so low.

Perhaps it is the supporters who do this to gain points. But the damage that is done to the minds of little children, by getting such branding rigidity into their subliminal minds can be very damaging to their future development. How can they grow up to have creative and independent minds. It is as bad as, the bad adverts that make children ask for products or endorse them or the Ben 10's, Superman's, War scenes, fast cars, war planes and battle ships we see on some of the covers of exercise books. This trend is now being reversed by some caring manufacturers now printing photographs of landscapes, flora and fauna, of happy and active children and of places of historical interest. I salute those who have ventured to do this.

Please I urge our politicians both young and old, please do not meddle with the minds of our children. You and I both know, that they are our hope for the future. They need to flourish in freedom with creative thoughts devoid of any stereo-typing. For  then and only then, will we be able to become, the wonder we all seek to be.

Hey! morn's come ...

By Renton de Alwis

Morn's first light
pierced squirrel cry
peahen weeps distant dream
lotus buds still moonstruck
oblivion to pond heron
hunt breakfast feed
mindful breeze make
a leaf fall.

My own

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Give me a wonder

by Renton de Alwis

I love wonders
not those of marble,
steel, platinum
or diamond
but of a bird song,
dew drop, blue sky
or rainbow.

Give me a wonder
a babe’s cry, sweet smile,
a falling leaf,
even thunder and rain.
Yes, give me
yet other wonders,
wonders of pain,
suffering and love.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

ගැට ගහගෙන යන ජීවිතය

ලිහුනාම පැටලෙනව
බැරි තරම් ලිහන්නට
කොහොම හරි යා යුතුය
යන ගමන නොකඩ කොට

කාලයේ වියරැවට
බඩගින්න මැකෙනවයැ
පුංචි උන් අඬන හඬ
සින්දුවෙන් වැහෙනවයැ

ඉඩෝරයෙ වහින වැහි
අටුව මත වැටෙන්නෑ
ඉරිතැලුනු මහ පොලොව
හඬ නගා හඬන්නෑ

යන ගමන නොකඩ කොට
යා යුතුය කොහොම හරි
මග නොමග දෙකම එක
මාවතක ඇඳී ඇත.

ලිව්වෙ රෙන්ටන් ද අල්විස්

ගූගල් රැවක්

Thursday, September 4, 2014


by Renton de Alwis

Then of now
walks road with bends
woods stand tall
peeping seeking meaning
deeds done
words spoken
silence sought broken
pieces  strewn
lay lamed for picking
seeds unpicked potent
grow sun fed blossom
flowers wild call out
now to the then

Ussangoda, my own pic

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

කතා ලියූ සෝමපාලට ලියූ ගීයක්

ගොපලු කොලුවකු එදා වැයූ ඒ
ඳඬු නලා හඬ ඔබට ඇසුනද
ඈත අහසේ දිදුලනා හිරැ
තුරැන් හිස් බිඳ පහල වූවද
ගොහොරැ මඩ මත වැතිර
සැනහෙන අම්ඹරැන් දැක සුසුම් හෙලුවද
ඔබ සරන ඔය සොඳුරැ ලෝකයෙ
බිඳක්වත් මට ඉඩක් දෙනවද

පිපුන පියුමින් සැරසුනා ඔබ
දසුන් සවනක් රැස් විදාලද
කුරැලු ගීයක මයුර නැටුමක
රසය වින්දේ මට කියාලද
දිය කඩිත්තේ තිත්ත පැටවුන්
තාලයට පැන මුකුළු කෙරැවද
කියනු රිසියෙන් වනා මොනවට
මිහිරි පදවැල් ගොතා බැන්ඳද

බෝල අකුරින් ලියූ ඔබ පද සවස් වරැවක ගෙනත් දෙනවද
කැලය පිනවූ ඳඩුනලා ගී මලහිරැට පුද කරන් එනවද
අහස සැරසුව රක්ත වරැණින්
සැරසිලා ඔබ සිනාසෙනවද
ලියූ කරදහි යසට බැඳලා
ෆයිල් කවරෙක දමා දෙනවද

රෙන්ටන් අල්විස් ලිව්වෙ

ේ කව් පෙලව වස්තු වූ පසුබිම සඳහා  පහත ලින්කය බලන්න:


by Renton de Alwis

Where butterflies fly like planes
it's wings made of rainbows
Where angels roam in dreams
and demons always loose
Where questions are like rivers
with an endless flow to the sea
Where rubbing hands mean friendship
tugged fingers say you're cross
Where birds sing in the rain
and bees never sting
Where a frog can become a prince
when a princess breaks the spell
Where dewdrops rest on roses
and twinkle just like stars
Where all of this will be real
if left to dream our own.

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Bibliophile bared - A column article by Sachitra Mahendra

At this link you will find the column:

and these links will take you to the e-version of the DailyNews of 3rd September, 2014 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A thought at dawn

by Renton de Alwis

Smooth as silk
landed to touch
soft breeze
dew drops
smiles of delight
tears of joy
caring rays
feeling of love

I am happy
just happy!