Friday, January 25, 2013

An ode to a family I know...

By Renton de Alwis

Was written yesterday in response to a verse they sent me as a greeting.
Kids are three and the parents are in the eve of their youth.

Those three little gems, the two diamonds
I know will shine,
shine bright for all time
You, they  
make this world a better place,
give hope to those
whose garbs are worn, 
likes of me,
who yearn to see a better world.

For you.
For them.
As for me,
I have lived my life,
made our sins yours.
Please deliver me from those,
for we brought hurt
on Mother Nature
turned our backs on those
who needed us, when they did.

Look ! Please, look in the eyes
of those gems of yours...
you will see the shining light.

Our hope, your hope, my hope
Let that hope be the reason why
You, they,
we must live,
love, play, give
above it all,
learn to fight might,
not with might... but,
 with love.

25th December, 2013
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