Friday, March 29, 2013

GK (Hatha) Father of Street Theatre in Sri Lanka


Gamini Kalyanadarsha Haththotuwegama (29 November 1939 -- 30 October 2009) was a Sri Lankan playwright, director, actor, critic and educator. He was widely known as the father of Sri Lanka's modern street theatre. He was among the most influential directors of post-independent Sri Lanka. His students have moved from the street to the stage, from stage to television and some even to the silver screen. He was 73 years old. Dr. Haththotuwegama taught both in the formal academic institutions (University of Peradeniya and Kelaniya University) as well in informal settings through innumerable drama workshops. He was a friend, my lecturer in Drama at the University in my first year and coach at Cricket at the University for three years, prior to the days of the birth of Street theatre. There was a free soul of a Frenchman Monsieur Louitan, (taught French in the English sub-department with Prof Doric de Zousa as head) who was inspiration to Hatha at the time in creating Street theatre.  
A video of his life and work and excepts of the oration made in his honour by Prof.  Chandrasiri Palliyaguru as documented by Sri Lal Liyanapahiranage is at :


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