Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In flight

I rose into deep blue skies
with strong willed wings
free style strode in softy winds
met seagull Jonathan
sang songs of freedom
of love, of life, of pain and joy
of blissful gain and falls that maim...

and one day,
a gale wind came
tore wing in part
let cold wind pass
make free fall, fall
on parched dry land...

lay still a while
let torn wing heal
werewolves kneel
bore my pain
made mind of steel
a heart for feel
when a soft sun rose
drizzles brought drops of water
of life with props,
made a Phoenix rise
with spanned wings to fly, free fall...

touch rhythmic tones
pluck rainbow muse
fly far ye far to horizon end, a tiny drop be
hug diving sun, on an evening sky


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