Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's scary but true ... Era of cognitive computing is here

IBM in a release has talked about 5 new developments that will come to us in just 5 years time. They say that computers will now be able to act as all five senses and begin to think and make decisions for us humans. It's scary but true. On this Sunday morning I thought I will share this with you rather than my usual verse. It may sound techy, but it is not. It's about us, our brains... our mind.
Urge you to checkout each of the videos on the link below for a holistic picture of this development with a critical  mind and examine thoughtfully how it will impact us. We will then have to figure out how we are to meet these challenges and retain our identity as a people without leaving it to remote programmers who will instil values of the dominant culture on us. How do we retain what is our own? Do we venture  to become programmers ourselves who will feed our values and ethos into these systems? Do we ourselves have what it takes to do that? How would our media present these challenges to our people, so they do not become victims of programmers from different cultures?

Thank you CJ for sending me the link.

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