Sunday, June 30, 2013

On Peddlers Street

by Renton de Alwis

Peddler! Peddler!
Where were you?
I searched for you but much in vain
saw you only of remnants made
your name is on
yet lamed spirit dead
you peddle no more with your own true grit
to feed your kin
on petty knots
your memory engraved street signs cafe posts
your toiling then
cash register now
I saw your face aged with time
I hear distant sounds
far calls of yore
I see you peddler cry in pain
when a tourist walks
on your name
stopped to make photos of your fame
masters merchants
all the same
mock you now
like they mocked you then

Written while seated at a cafe on Peddlers Street on a visit to Galle yesterday for medical care.
Shared Google Image. Pic credit The

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