Thursday, November 29, 2012

At war after peace …

by Renton de Alwis
Written in July 2009 immediately after the end of the war on terror.

“No more anxiety,
no more waiting,
no more pain,
no more shame?  …”

A war is over,
at last, at most.
The light at the end of the tunnel,
the light of Peace,
‘Godot’ has come,
at last, at least.

we are all one,
never shall we be different again ...”

We have no choice.
Yet, we have choices.

"A war has ended....Peace has come."

I yell, with all my might ...
"Stay, stay…
Peace, please …"

Hold on to
whatever was got,

don’t let go.
Was hard to get,
a lot was lost,
life, limb, soul and heart
never, never… look back.

Shame, shameful shame,
pain, painful pain.
The means never justified the end.
For unleashing terror was never,
a way to seek the end.

Were they blind?
Were we blind?
Were they blinded?
Were we blinded?

Hearts and minds warped, crunched
To be won.

Won with love …
kindness and compassion,
with rice, curry,
water to drink,
a roof over the head,
land to till,
waters to fish,
schools for the kids,
care for the old and sick,
work for the youth,
security, safety, dignity, honour,
hopeful hope.

Its once again,
a war on shame,
to be won.

Take my hand.
Feel its warmth.
We must win.
No looking back.

Must win,
for the sake of peace,
love, honour, dignity
and all else that matters.

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