Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving day prayer: Giving thanks while ‘Waiting for Godot’….

Thank you for everything …
overdoses of CO2
battles a la supremacy
power for mighty,
most access to resources …

terrorists slain.
Who created them in the first place? …

Thank you for small mercies ….
telethons to go green …
end modern day slavery …
forcing ladies to unveil their masks
imposing the will of some on others,
uncaring, without their permission
calling it protection of human rights.

Thank you for making 99% slaves of 1%
sell-outs and bail-outs
corporate social responsibility..

make it any which way and then make handouts
nature’s wrath, more greed, luxury goods, oil guzzlers
nuke options, coal and talk of being different
politics of confrontation with talk of peaceful coexistence
strategic studies to outdo the other. 

Thank you anyway for we wait ….
wait for Godot, hope for better times

Happy thanksgiving
for its holiday time too …
Most to take a break from reality
Escape into oblivion ……

Posting of what was written for Thanksgiving Day 2011.
Renton de Alwis

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