Saturday, November 16, 2013

Proud to be Sri Lankan and an open 'letter' to David Cameron ....

Rt. 'Honourable' David Cameron, PM with UK's (what I think is a rouge) media outfit Channel 4, has gone out of the way to prove a point to a group of electoral constituents back home with extremist views. I as an ordinary Sri Lankan citizen, who does not hold any allegiance to anyone except my Motherland, stand insulted and extremely hurt, by your unwarranted behaviour as an invited guest to my country to attend the CHOGAM summit. I question the sincerity of your love for my Tamil brethren in Sri Lanka and propose that what you are doing is mere gimmickry.
We are a hospitable people and do not expect our guests to treat us this way. You forgot and continue to forget that my Motherland is an independent nation since 1948, and chose to be a founder member of The Commonwealth. We did not hold any grudges about the atrocities that were committed by colonial invaders during the British occupation of this country. We focussed only on the good that was done during that time and never asked that, leaders of the now UK be accountable or provide us with apologies or pay compensation to the many victims who lost their lives, their land and more than that their dignity as a people from 1802 to 1948. Instead we chose, even in this hostile environment, to take on the leadership of this organisation and you came here invited to attend its summit to represent all your people and not just a section of a self serving and misdirected electoral constituency.

You  heard our President tell you that we now have restored the most important human right of being able to live without the fear of loosing one's life as a result of terrorist bombs or bullets. The media also heard him say that while such are all mere news items to them for us Sri Lankans, it was a matter of life and death. And that is the stark reality we faced for over three decades and you would not understand how all that feels, for you were busy looking for 'evidence' to prosecute other nations and ensure that they were destroyed and their citizens suffered (and continue to suffer) by providing erroneous information to the US and your other allies.

We are thankful to the Prime Minsters of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and leaders of the vast majority of the other nations attending this summit with a positive outlook, for understanding the realities and challenges we face, pledges of support and for believing that Sri Lanka as a nation can indeed move towards prosperity and have a "better tomorrow than today". I sincerely believe that we can achieve our own just aspirations to be a prosperous nation. A nation where regardless of race, status or belief, we all can live together in harmony, resolving any issues we face through dialogue and discussion and not through the exercise of might or power. What we ask is to be treated as equals and not for any other nation to play big brother attempting to force your will on us.

I also move as a Sri Lankan to deplore the pathetic behaviour of some sections of the leading opposition party in deciding not to participate at an occasion that meant so much to me as a citizen of Sri Lanka. You have demonstrated with your jeering and even creating hurtful situations from the side lines, that you with such sad 'leadership' are unworthy of being elected to represent us ever again.

As much as I am proud to be Sri Lankan at this moment in our history, I am also sad that we have in our midst persons that act with such irresponsibility and callousness. As someone who does not belong to any political or other interest group, I understand that there is much our leaders in all sincerity must work on together, to make things better for all Sri Lankans. I also feel the pain of mind and the sadness in the hearts of the families of those who lost their lives during the 30 years of conflict and terrorism, all around this country including the North. Some among them had taken up arms being misled by the terrorists and others were innocent civilians. They latter were victims of terrorism and the resultant war waged against it. We must never ever again make such mistakes and must work in unison to ensure that all Sri Lankans can live with dignity and pride in the future. But that is a resolve we must have and not one that should be imposed on us for such will only delay that process imposing divisive mind barriers among sections of our population. 

I call on all who value the truth and what is right to prevail to ensure to rise and call whenever a wrong is done, or when the good of the many is violated. Yet, it is our duty and responsibility by our Motherland to work together to ensure that what is right is done.

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