Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My daughter Samanthika ... journeying from Business to Nursing

My elder daughter Samanthika, with her colleagues at the Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Missouri before she returned to San Francisco to take up a position with the Sutter Hospital Group where she will be back again with her husband Bharatha.

Here is what one of her colleagues had to say about her. It brought a tear to my eyes. Am so proud and happy. You made huge sacrifices Duwa and Thank you Bharatha, for the support you always gave her. She changed her career path after 15 years working in Business (first degree in international business), went back to Nursing school at the San Francisco University and armed with a Post graduate degree in Nursing became a RN.

Olga Abreu posted to Samanthika de Alwis’s Face Book page on
20 November via Mobile.

“I wanted to write about my experience working with Sam. Sam has many amazing qualities which makes her a great nurse. But one of them really stands out. At the time I couldn't find Sam. When I was looking for her, I found her in the patient room talking to her patients, explaining their situation and offering a word of advice. Lunch missed, staying late to finish charting- it didn't matter to her. Her patients came first. Doing her job and often the job of others for that patient was her priority. Taking patients to the bathroom, offering coffee and water could be done by someone else. But she didn't look for other person, she did it herself. This is the quality I most respect in her- sacrificing her needs for the needs of others. I will miss you but I know that your journey is only at a start of the wonderful nursing career. Godspeed, dear Sam! I'll miss you greatly!

Lindsay Mitchell-Townsend posted to Samanthika de Alwis FB Page 23 November via Mobile
"Sam! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I miss you, but I am so glad you're back home with your husband! You are going to be such a huge blessing to your patients and their families! Expect a visit sometime in the next year!"


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