Tuesday, June 17, 2014

English ha! English : Lyrics for a song

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by Renton de Alwis

English ha! English for you and for me
English for learning of a world we should see
Let's learn it well so we could trim
Our hearts and minds to the brim

There is a world,
we need to explore
to reach out, gain and share.
Where the Bard and the likes of him
Wordsworth, Dickens and Frost
wrote in verse and prose
and left for us a wealth
measured in mindful bites....


This day we sit with grammar,
nouns and verbs and more
second only to our tongues of mother
we strive at home and school
we learn to speak,
sing... write, even more
of English, in English
for English we strive to learn....


It is no glitzy jewel I'll wear
adorn my neck to show the world
but a mere tool to help know more
learn of other places, read lovely novels
poems, and write my very own.
To be or not, is not a question
I shall let my mind's eye see...
I'll learn it well, I'll learn it well
knowing well it's only the way
and not an end in any way.


PS. I wrote this at the request of a friend of mine teaching English, who wanted a song written for the School English Day.

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