Monday, June 16, 2014

Breeze dance

A shared Google image
by Renton de Alwis 

Dance... dance,  leaf,  dance
let the Muses come
hold hands and dance
make... make,  music sweet
take... take,  soft hands
dance,  this morn
sun's rays soft fall
dew drops shine,
 till dance end will last
lotus blooms smile... swaying,
soft wind touch your cheeks
paint them crimson bright...

No!  paint them pale

lotus petal,  soft colour make
blow softer, touch tones sweet
like a free falling leaf... fall
sway... sway,  free fall feel
freedom... call a bird song
dance... dance,  landing soft,
touch cold,  dry earth roll,
I yearn to see you dance...
dance,  dance... dance...
yet not make this,
your swan song.

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