Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let our children's mind's flourish: An appeal

Yesterday, I saw a little child of about six, carry an exercise book and on it's covers (both front and back) was printed the photograph of a young politician. I am told that this is a wide spread practice and have been on for some time now. Having being in the promotions business my self (where we held ethics to the hilt) I felt ashamed that politicians (even those with some intelligence), need to stoop down so low.

Perhaps it is the supporters who do this to gain points. But the damage that is done to the minds of little children, by getting such branding rigidity into their subliminal minds can be very damaging to their future development. How can they grow up to have creative and independent minds. It is as bad as, the bad adverts that make children ask for products or endorse them or the Ben 10's, Superman's, War scenes, fast cars, war planes and battle ships we see on some of the covers of exercise books. This trend is now being reversed by some caring manufacturers now printing photographs of landscapes, flora and fauna, of happy and active children and of places of historical interest. I salute those who have ventured to do this.

Please I urge our politicians both young and old, please do not meddle with the minds of our children. You and I both know, that they are our hope for the future. They need to flourish in freedom with creative thoughts devoid of any stereo-typing. For  then and only then, will we be able to become, the wonder we all seek to be.

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