Thursday, July 16, 2015

and when I am gone

by renton de alwis
(to my loved ones)

stay calm, read
the back of certificate
my pledge i sought
donor eyes body parts
and all, call numbers
soonest, let be as is
let them come take
all, not leave any
in parts am worth
more than whole.

no fuss be happy
tell few friends
no alms to monks
play Sekera songs
maestro Amaradeva sang
let go all, have no qualms
only wish you'd look after
village kids, see them thru
till they jump those hurdles
to make their lives.

then erase from mind
memories of yore
let go, make nests of love
share fruits of toil
with those that need
don't give alms of food
give food for the mind 
let learn, don't teach
let freedom reign 
let that seagull fly.

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