Thursday, December 4, 2014

Of a stolen morning ....

by Renton de Alwis

Last night's rain
still falls on my morn
strangle my sun
make my lotus pods
screech birth pains
no dew drops will shine
to challenge my eye
no mirrors no rainbows
grey musala skies
no pond herons fly
only thousands
kohomba leaves
lay pasted on watery grave
no wild pigeons
only a solitary frog
still soaking taking aim
earthworm prey
distant moan
peahen's groan
drops of rain
still fall on my morn
did I call did I yearn
for so much pain?

Give me back

give me back
my morning sun
my birds must sing
dance with lotus blooms
sing songs of love
a kovula's rhyme
a falling leaf
must sway soft land
sounds of silence
I must feel
open mind
closed eyes
listen to sounds
of falling rays
feel warmth
of soft sun
on my face.

Pic credit RdA on iPad

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