Thursday, December 5, 2013

Memories of the Keleniya University Cricket Tour of Jaffna 1968.

I was looking for some old files and came across these photos of our University Cricket Team's Tour of Jaffna in 1968. Brings back lots of memories of the good times we had. We had GK  Haththotuwegama as our Cricket coach, Late MM Sathyawadi as Captain and yours truly as his deputy. We played two games with the Jaffmna College Undergraduate Department at the Bicknell Gorunds, With Aryalai Sports Club at St. Patrick College Grounds and with Sri Lanka Navy at their Karainagar Camp grounds. I recall all the Kallu we drank in the evenings and the sweet toddy in the early morn. The prawns, crabs and the kiri appum a la Jaffna style. The fellowship was great and we were all one. I now wonder why all that had to change?
Shelton, me, Late Satthi & Dissa 






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