Friday, April 22, 2016

An Earth Day Thought

Today is said to be World Earth Day.Not that it matters as a single DAY. But it serves as a grim reminder, to and of those, who cause the manufacture, promotion and selling cancer causing fertilizers, pesticides and pollute the water we drink, manufacture, promote and sell unwanted fast processed foods, denude our forest cover, take people away from their truly sustainable life styles and cause havoc on this only planet, we have to call our own. 

What is sad is that we choose to call all of this DEVELOPMENT.

Those who knowingly or unwittingly, are involved in these activities are causing loss of lives and/or are reducing the quality of life of people and causing the slow killing of all life on Earth. Global warming and Climate Change are only two phenomena we have recognized as being big issues. But the rest of it go unnoticed. We can make use of this (April 22) and other days like this (June 26) to think and be agents of change, and not be part of the herd following a dangerous path of self-destruction.

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