Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thy name is 'politician'*

By Renton de Alwis

You are never a looser,
like a chameleon you change,
merge with things around,
do what that is needed
to hell with what is right,
get it done, any which way,
please those, to be pleased
to hell with those who voted,
plunder, and plunder deep,
build riches, hold them tight,
buy goons, to show thy might
sow seeds of mistrust,
divide, you rule, till you fall.

From the ashes you rise,
for you left unfinished business,
'enough is now enough'
thy minion mind can't tell,
thy greed for power is ripe,
the flock is woken, slumber's broken, 
all hell will be let loose,
cyclic tides will drown,
past, present, future in all
giving fancy names,
for things only you can fathom
shamelessly seek my mind,
like a bad dream, you come.

* to be worn if the cap fits.

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